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泰斯非:Indelible time in Shenzhen,Guangzhou and Zhuhai which display the incredible momentum in the standardized cities in China.I have a wonderful experience from the trip to Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Guangzhou. Before the trip I thought only Beijing and Shanghai are the developed cities but now I can understand that there are many cities as beautiful as Beijing besides thehistorical cites of the prominent people as well as the well cooperating stuffs of CUFEI could have said a lot but in order to give chance to others I conclude thank you very much.                    

穆端:Been an awesome experience visiting Southern China cities some pioneer special economic zones Shenzhen, Zhuhai, world's longest sea bridge at Macao, Foshan and Guangzhoulots of rich culture to learn and experience.            



It was a very nice trip and it will be a very nice memory.Thanks for all of you and for our Dean and all the stuffin CUFE.You are our second family.Thanks to Great China.

I have heard a lot and read about the special economic zones that china had created in order to beconected to the other parts of the world, to open its economy to the world's economy, and to increase its balance of payment through increasing its trade with other countries. But actually I couldn't understand how are these special economic zones have been created, what are they, and what are the process of creating them untill I saw Shenzen, zhuhai and Guangzhou.

Our visit to these cities, our visit to the museums and the explanations that wehave been provided by Ms.vee, made me understand quitly the meaning ofthe special economic zones and how have they helped China's economy to become the second economy all over the world , if not the first.                  


For your trip program really  on the behalf of me I thank you I'm to much satisfied what I visit Shenzhen, juhai and Guangzhou as well. I saw that how China going to on the right mapof development and the base of development is so, well structured. This indicates that how Chinese people tries to coming influential in this globalization. Just for some one who saw the development of China it can simply understand that the core point of Chinese development is clear policy and hardworking as well. We alldeveloping countries should be learn experience from China to go with globalization unless if we continue as usual progress we suffers for a lot of difficulties. Really I learn through observation in China what I have to do to my country Ethiopia in my future life. I always acknowledgedMOFCOm and CUFE in particular and Chinese government in general throughout my life, because Ican't get this chanceif MOFCOM and CUFE don't give me this opportunity. I hope we will have good relationship across a country. I will try to create relationship between my employer organization(woldia university) with CUFE for education andsharing experience at institutions level for more. I hope CUFE will accept this relationship with woldia university Ethiopia because , those higher education institutions have  a great role to maintain strong relationship between the two countries (Ethiopia and China)